The Fonz
From the album Fush Yu Mang
Released 1998
Genre Rock, pop, ska, alternative
Length of song 3:39
Length of Single 11:55
Writer(s) Greg Camp
Format CD Single
Label Interscope
Producer Eric Valentine
Single Guide
Walkin' on the Sun
Why Can't We Be Friends?

The Fonz is a song from Fush Yu Mang. It was also released as a single.

Track Listing Edit

No. TitleWriter(s)Additional Notes Length
1. "The Fonz"  Greg Camp  3:39
2. "Beer Goggles"  Greg Camp  2:00
3. "Walkin' on the Sun" (Live)Greg CampLive at London's XFM 3:27
4. "Disconnect the Dots" (Live)Greg CampLive at London's XFM 2:49
Total length: