Steve Harwell
Full Name Steven Harwell
Gender Male
Occupation Musician
Birthday January 9, 1967
Birth Place Santa Clara, California, USA
Current Residency San Jose, California, USA
Contribution to Smash Mouth Lead singer, Co-founder

Steve Harwell is the lead singer and co-founder of Smash Mouth and is the one of two members never to have left the band (the other being Paul De Lisle)

Early LifeEdit

Steve was born on January 9, 1967. As a child, he listened to Van Halen, Waterboys, and Elvis Presley, which became his influences in his musical career. His teachers also told him that they believed that someday, he would be a frontman performer. He stated that his most sentimental recollection was his grandmother playing the same three songs over and over on the piano; he said "You can hear her fingernails hit the keys before they actually make the note. And she whistles backwards – not out, but in.:

Personal LifeEdit

Steve has five children, harlem (Born in January 26, 2001), harlem.jr (Born in February 22, 2003), harleem (Born in May 2, 2004), harlema (Born in August 3, 2007) and karlem (born in April 22, 2010).

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