Pacific Coast Party
From the album Smash Mouth
Artist Smash Mouth
Released 2001
Genre Pop, rock
Length of Single 8:40 (without video)

12:36 (including video)

Writer(s) Paul De Lisle
Format CD Single
Label Interscope
Producer Eric Valentine
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Pacific Coast Party is a song from Smash Mouth. It was also released as a single.

Track ListingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Pacific Coast Party"  Paul De Lisle 3:00
2. "Can't Get Enough of You, Baby"  Denny Randell; Sandy Linzer 2:30
3. "Diggin' Your Scene"  Greg Camp 3:10
4. "All Star" (Video)  3:56
Total length:
8:40 (with video) 12:36 (without video)