Old Habits
Album by Smash Mouth
Old Habits (Smash Mouth)
Released Unreleased
Studio Studio 880, Oakland, CA
Genre Ska Punk
Producer Jeff Salzman
Album Guide

Old Habits is an unreleased album by Smash Mouth from 2005. It was supposed to sound more like the ska punk from Fush Yu Mang or The East Bay Sessions. Both the title and the '64 Ford Falcon Squire car featured on this cover (which was also shown flying through space on the cover of Fush Yu Mang) make reference to the style of music from Smash Mouth's early days.

The album was largely delayed because the band was trying to regain popularity, notably with lead singer Steve Harwell appearing on reality TV show The Surreal Life. The project was ultimately shelved, though some tracks ended up remixed or re-recorded on Summer Girl or on Greg Camp's solo album Defektor.

Proposed Track Listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Hey LA"    
2. "Getaway Car"    
3. "The Crawl"    
4. "Say When"    
5. "Baby Please Don't Go"    
6. "Quality Control"    
7. "Old Habits"    
8. "Sugar"    
9. "Beside Myself"    
10. "Duty Free"    
11. "Beautiful Bomb"    
12. "Never Let Me Down Again"