Get the Picture?
Album by Smash Mouth
Get The Picture-cover art
Released August 5, 2003
Studio Interscope Studios, Santa Monica, California
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 39:31
Label Interscope
Producer Smash Mouth / Karl Derfler
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Get the Picture? (2003) is the fourth album released by Smash Mouth, and features more of an alternative rock sound than previous albums.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Hang On" (featured in the movie The Cat in the Hat)
  2. "Always Gets Her Way"
  3. "You Are My Number One" (feat. Ranking Roger)
  4. "Whole Lotta Love"
  5. "Sister Psychic"
  6. "Space Man"
  7. "Hot" (featured in the video game "Hot Wheels World Race")
  8. "Looking for a Wall"
  9. "Seventh Grade Dance"
  10. "105"
  11. "Fun"
  12. "New Planet"
  13. "You Are My Number One (Radio Remix)" (feat. Ranking Roger)

Bonus TracksEdit


1. "Get the Picture?"

Japan OnlyEdit

2. "Spooky Thing" (feat. George Clinton)
3. "Boulevard"

Members FeaturedEdit