Fush Yu Mang
Album by Smash Mouth
Fush Yu Mang-cover art
Released July 8, 1997
Studio H.O.S. Recording - Redwood City, California
Genre Ska punk, reggae
Length 37:02
Label Interscope
Producer Eric Valentine
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Fush Yu Mang (1997) was the first album by Smash Mouth. Its name comes from a line ("fuck you, man!") slurred by actor Al Pacino's Tony Montana character in the film Scarface, and stylized to appear Chinese.

Track ListingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s)Additional notes Length
1. "Flo"  Greg Camp  2:13
2. "Beer Goggles"  Greg Camp  2:01
3. "Walkin' on the Sun"  Greg CampFeatured on Rock Band 3 3:27
4. "Let's Rock"  Greg Camp  2:50
5. "Heave-Ho"  Greg Camp  3:47
6. "The Fonz"  Greg Camp  3:39
7. "Pet Names"  Greg Camp  2:20
8. "Padrino"  Greg Camp  3:45
9. "Nervous in the Alley"  Greg Camp  2:32
10. "Disconnect the Dots"  Greg Camp  2:49
11. "Push"  Greg Camp  2:50
12. "Why Can't We Be Friends?"  Gerald Goldstein; Harold Brown; Morris DickersonWar Cover 4:50

Members FeaturedEdit